13 Things You’ll Understand If You Love Spending Time Alone

So, to the ones who love themselves too much to hang out with the rest of the world, you’d agree with these points below. 1. You are perfectly happy doing projects alone 2. You resent places with too much of a crowd 3. So, instead of going for parties, you end up binge watching series and movies all by yourself 4.  You tend to forget your phone when you’re busy doing other stuff And get yelled at by your family/friends for not answering their calls…

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Approaching 70-480 – Learning Resources

Below are few learning resources that I have referring to Learn HTML5 in 5 minutes w3schools.com tutorials on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript Microsofts Virtual Academy’s jump start video series Blog post by Eric Bryant http://www.bloggedbychris.com/2012/09/19/microsoft-exam-70-480-study-guide/ http://www.aidanjryan.com/blog/categories/study/  Exam 70-480 Study Material: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (geekswithblogs.net) Microsoft 70-480 Exam Notes by Dominik Gorecki – Download PDF  | View blog post Flash cards on brainthud.com Collection of links as per exam objectives in a forum post on techexams.net Forum – http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/certification/developer/f/528.aspx Practice tests  Measureup.com’s 70-480 practice test…

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Approaching 70-480 – Purchasing certificate voucher

I have planned to take up Microsoft’s exam Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (70-480) on 31 Oct 2014. I think the best way to help others to let them know what I have done. My boss said that there is no budget for my certification, so I thought to take it up on my own. First step in completing certificate, obviously, is registering for the certificate. I went to https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-in/exam-70-480.aspx and selected Schedule with Prometric option.  The sequence that I followed is to…

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3 Hilarious Videos that make fun of office culture

Three videos selected from the original post on http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/238424 This link has 7 videos. I like 3 of them, so reposting here with the same words. (copy-paste).

2. When you’ve been asked to do something that doesn’t make any sense at all
So your boss gives you a project with certain requirements, but they don’t seem as feasible to you as they do to your superior. Sometimes the expectations of higher-ups is just a bit out of touch with reality. Finally, there’s a video that validates this, complete with a real-life “expert.”

3. If everyone on a conference call was actually in one room…
You know the common pitfalls of dialing in to a meeting, even the one that happens every week. Watching it in live action is far more entertaining. A more accurate video has never been filmed.

5. The REAL anthem of office workers everywhere
OK, no, but really, this song gets it. The fact that this man’s coworkers helped create this video makes us think that working in that office probably isn’t so bad.

August – A bluetooth lock

Ever thought of a way to auto lock or auto unlock doors, when you walk? Ever thought a mobile can help you to lock your door, without internet? August Lock is here – http://august.com/ Priced at around $250, this lock can be controlled with bluetooth, with an app in Android or iOS mobile phone. Yes!! an app can lock or unlock your door. Just pair it up with your phone. Send invites to others whom you want to unlock the door for. Plus you can always open door…

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