CBZ Xtreme 2011 model in Hyderabad – Review

Writing my first day review of CBZ Xtreme 2011 model.

Just a background of my biking experience.
– Had TVS Star City bike from 2006 (spokes model).
– Longest ride in one stretch was 50KM.
– Had seen 60-70 mileage.

Got this CBZ Xtreme 2011 Model bike just yesterday, 16 May 11, the second week of launch in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, its on road price is Rs. 77,370 . Enquired in two three showrooms. The onroad price is same but bill split up is different. I exchanged it with my TVS star city bike, which was a of just 15,000/-. Billing process took around 2 hours. By 6.30pm I was given the key of my dream bike. and got back to home after a pooja at Hanuman temple.

When I woke up this morning I was proud to see my new friend. It is different from old CBZ Xtreme. It has digital console and improved sporty looks. It has a split seat and when you remove the pillion seat, there is a small chamber to put toolkit. A new looking alloy wheels. Key lock has a shutter. Once closed, it will only open with the magnetic block sticked to other side of key.

CBZ Xtreme appeared bigger than StarCity to me. Though I am 5’10”, It was like riding a bigger bike on this first day. In my star city, there were 4 gears backwards, so riding cbz with different 5 gear system was puzzle to me, but I understood the puzzle soon.

The ride is so comfortable. Compared to star city, the driver seat is broader and very comfortable to sit. and I did not get the numbness in my sitting base, despite of my 30+30Km shuttle between my home and office.
I am a person who gets frequent back ache while riding, but today, the ride was very comfortable. Sitting position is comfortable. 5 on 5 for comfort.

Pillion seat is somewhat high. My wife was feeling as if she is climbing a wall and sitting on a hill, and was appearing taller than me. 🙂 but I think thats ok.

I am not very particular on mileage. In my previous bike I did not had fuel meter, so I just open up tank and check the petrol and fill it up, so mileage is not a concern for me on cbz too. I just made up my mind for only 35kmpl. If I get more mileage it is obviously good. Showroom said 65kmpl. but I dont think it will give such mileage.

I noticed that people overtook my first day’s 45 speed and turning their heads to see the name of the bike. I also saw walkers at the signals seeing my bike in particular. It was a proud experience. :-).

Tyre grip is fantastic, Today I made a sharp turn at around 40 speed, and the bike did not skid.

The only problem I noticed this day is that it gave some false gears. I mean, you press the gear, and it gets pressed, but actually gear is not shifted. Or sometimes its only half shift. Bikers will understand what I mean by half gear. Particulary, I had this problem while slowing down, when I have to shift down from 5th gear , 4th, 3rd and 2nd gear. Sometimes the gear doesnt even shift. and the bike stops in gear. Hope this problem gets solved in the first free service.

Dont worry, If you are stuck in traffic, it is very fast to switch start and go off with a goofing sound, before the vehicle behind you starts honking.

The biking experience is fantastic. Sitting position is superb. Ergonomically more comfortable riding.

All I can say is.. WOW!!!!.

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