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Change in career

A biggest change in my career.  After working for 8 years in a biggest MNC I am changing to a smaller company. Hope the change brings some good change. 0

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Many companies are changing logos, branding guidelines, getting acquired by another companies. Many people are changing jobs, changing roles, working on new things, learning new things. There is lot of change going on in this ever changing world. I will also adapt to that changing mood. My website is now changed to Instead of having a .com commercial mask, its time now to show that I am Indian. 0

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September 28, 2012

Today I got Sony XPeria Neo L smartphone. Phone is costly. Let me see if I get return on investment for buying this or not. So far looks satisfactory. Now am connected to this site from my new phone. 0

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Got Acer Aspire 725

Hey guys got a netbook, Acer Aspire 725, on tuesday. Got windows 7 preinstalled. And I had set up this wordpress from Windows Live Writer. Hope to see you again. Do visit my main site – for some more stuff. 0

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June 29, 2012

Getting bored with work these days. Mind is not getting ready to do the office work. Looks like suddenly my brain capacity got changed from 95% to 10%. Don’t know how to recharge my mind. Searched on google and they say its “brain-fog”. Fog?? in brain ?? 0

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May 24, 2012

Today I got promotion in my life as a father for twins. a girl and a boy. a rare combo. Feeling very awesome looking at two new persons in my family, who were not seen in this world till today morning. 1+

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April 13, 2012

Today is a funny day. i came across a well crafted adaptive assessment php software, fitting exactly to one of office work requirements. I was very happy and installed in local machine and accessed it. BAMOI.. its in korean language. I wonder what my boss will do, if i go and show this to him. first thing he will do is .. he will start laughing. may be he will throw me to korea to learn the language and convert the software. 0

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March 07, 2012

PHP turned into 5.4 this month. Have to learn this new version of software. Zend Framework 2 is about to come. Firefox 11 Beta. Apache HTTPD 2.4 is already released. and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is also in its way. Have to catchup with the new changes. 0

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