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Process documentation of an application

Process document mainly contains the following information Objectives of the applications Stakeholder diagram and their interoperability Solution Architecture Functional block diagrams technical architecture Integration with external systems/interfaces Use Case diagrams Process definition and responsible user roles Process workflow diagrams 0

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Project Documentation required for a project

Project documents include but are not limited to the following: Source Code SRS documents. For all the new requirements, Service Provider shall conduct a detailed system study and update the SRS documents. HLD documents (including but not limited to)  Application architecture documents ER diagrams and other data modelling documents Logical and physical database design Data dictionary and data definitions Application component design including component deployment views, control flows, etc. LLD documents (including but not limited to  Application flows and logic including pseudo code GUI design…

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How to calculate Schedule variance and Effort Variance in a project?

Schedule variance and effort variance are the values which the corporate management wants to see in a project. This will help them analyse the performance of the project. Variance calculation is trickier but is very easy. Basic inputs are derived from the task planner or the task tracking sheet. This is the sheet that you maintain within the WBS. WBS has tasks and their respective start date and end dates which are estimated in the project initiation phase. Project Manager or team members have to update this sheet regularly…

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Software Project Management Series on

Software Project Management Series (Session 1): Projects Simplified Software Project Management Series (Session 2): Project Risk Management Software Project Management Series (Session 3): Agile Project Management – Paradigm Shift of Generation X Project Management Software Project Management Series (Session 4): Trends in Project Management and Its Future Software Project Management Series (Session 5): Prince2 Vs PMP: Are you in a Dilemma? Software Project Management Series (Session 6): Critical Success Factors for Managing Global Projects Software Project Management Series (Session…

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