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9 Email Mistakes You’re Probably Making And Need To Stop Immediately

[Copy-pasted] Today, email has become the easiest and most popular means of communication. But most of us fail to get it right. It is rather easy to send ineffective, unnecessary emails and end up creating a wrong impression. Much easier to understand the dos and don’ts of email instead! Here are 9 email mistakes that we should stop making this very instant. 1. Using unclear subject lines Email is most effective when your message is simple, short and to the point. Thus, the subject should…

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Choosing colors for your website

[Copy pasted from Zing Design blog post] Here are some colors and the values they represent: Red – heat, passion and excitement. Orange – warmth and vitality. Yellow – optimism and creativity. Green – serenity and health. Blue – security, truth and stability. Purple – spirituality, intelligence and wealth. Pink – youthful intensity. Brown – class and durability. Black – power and drama. White – clean and simple.

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13 Things You’ll Understand If You Love Spending Time Alone

So, to the ones who love themselves too much to hang out with the rest of the world, you’d agree with these points below. 1. You are perfectly happy doing projects alone 2. You resent places with too much of a crowd 3. So, instead of going for parties, you end up binge watching series and movies all by yourself 4.  You tend to forget your phone when you’re busy doing other stuff And get yelled at by your family/friends for not answering their calls…

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Google Cultural Institute

Google cultural institute showcases historic monuments of many incidents across the world. Visit this link. Highlights of this are Photos taken on 1947 Indian Independance day Simulations of Angkor Wat temple. Nalanda University’s excavations Eiffel tower engineering incidents Monuments from various museums across the world. Memorable incidents in human history Artworks by renowned artists And many more. Truly, people at google have done wonderful work.

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