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Funny year-end self-appraisal remarks

(KPA – Key process area) KPA: Effective Status reporting to Project Manager Remarks: The effectiveness of a work starts with the effective analysis of a work given and I succeeded in it. KPA: # of bugs encountered per deliverable Remarks: Failures are stepping stones for success. Yes I do get an error while testing. No can be perfect right. KPA: Development Ownership (Having job clarity, dedication & proactiveness) Remarks: Being in Induction Days and further i.e while organising the events & expalining the code to…

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This Looked Like A Normal Grocery Store But When They Switched Of Lights, WOW!

Germany’s largest supermarket chain Edeka decided to surprise its shoppers with a seasonal treat. You need to watch this video to see what they did! It took a team of cashiers, 13 different hidden cameras, and a whole lot Christmas spirit to pull off this epic holiday surprise! This is one of the nice video I have seen. I can’t stop replaying it. Please do SHARE it with your friends. [Copy pasted from –]

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August – A bluetooth lock

Ever thought of a way to auto lock or auto unlock doors, when you walk? Ever thought a mobile can help you to lock your door, without internet? August Lock is here – Priced at around $250, this lock can be controlled with bluetooth, with an app in Android or iOS mobile phone. Yes!! an app can lock or unlock your door. Just pair it up with your phone. Send invites to others whom you want to unlock the door for. Plus you can always open door…

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