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Changing the world – the .css way

.dustBinBags { display:none; } .treesWithSurfacedRoots { padding-bottom:10px; } .carsParkedOutsideParkingSlot { position : absolute; padding : 5px; margin: 0; } .highlyTalkativePeople > .mouth { background : url (‘~/appearance_images/closed_mouth.png’) no-repeat; position : fixed; } .disease { visiblility : hidden; } .KrishnaSrikanth-Voice { font-size:xx-large; } .KrishnaSrikanth-Reputation { height : 100%; width : 100%; font-size : 5em; background-color : yellow; color : red; }

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Similar to a wife ki sql server wife…. php ki mysql wife.. wife deggara anni untai, undali kuda.. eppudu avasaram vachina mohamatam lekunda adagochu. kakapothe okko sari tedaloste mogudani kuda chudakunda bootulu tidutundi. database lekunda gadapochu kani okko sari maree kastam ayipotundi.. anduke xml ni girl friend ga vadukovachu. kani parser unte gani daggariki ranantundi. parser (purse) leka pothe asalu moham kuda chudadu.

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Computer addicts

If you are addicted to computers, your mind thinks this way.. While eating, if you find chilli, press Ctrl+H and replace chillies with null values. While searching a book for a chapter, press Ctrl+F and search what you want. If you dont understand some one telling something, go to Google Translate and copy-paste his sentences and translate them to english. Last but not least.. You will worry alot, when you understand that life doesn’t have a Ctrl+Z.

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error: Uh oh ...