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Preliminary Interview questions

Last week, one of my colleague asked these questions in an interview. I had made a note of these while he was asking. Please give me quick introduction about yourself Tell me about your existing company and your role It is a good company, what is the reason for the change? Tell me your opinion to join our company Did you get a chance to see the job description? Have you done that kind of work before? If I ask you to come up with…

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9 Email Mistakes You’re Probably Making And Need To Stop Immediately

[Copy-pasted] Today, email has become the easiest and most popular means of communication. But most of us fail to get it right. It is rather easy to send ineffective, unnecessary emails and end up creating a wrong impression. Much easier to understand the dos and don’ts of email instead! Here are 9 email mistakes that we should stop making this very instant. 1. Using unclear subject lines Email is most effective when your message is simple, short and to the point. Thus, the subject should…

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