A bit about me

Of course, I am from India. I was born on a pisces sunsign. I have a little world of mine and feel comfortable in that.

My hobbies

I like drawing alot. I like to draw doodles. Sometimes few sketches on my Samsung Galaxy note too.

I wanted to play music right from my college days. I bought tabla and casio keyboard in those days. When I feel like hearing the sound of music, I play them. Few months back I bought a small violin too. Now I can play .. Twinkle Twinkle little star..

Photography also catches my interest. Looking through the camera lens is something that is different from looking through the eyes. I feel to take photos of scenery views at hills and river sides. Though not online, I have some good collection at my home.

I like nature. Its the heaven to every human. When some one is in the need of affection, nature stands first to nurse him. I like jasmine flowers.

On the whole

I maintain my sense of humour. Laugh is one thing which makes the man different from animal. Smile relieves the tensions on the mind. Some one asked, if laugh is the thing which is done by man, then what is the thing which cannot be done by man. Many answered correctly. But some one answered differently. (Don’t ask me the answer, because I was not there to listen what he said.)

I believe that heart and mind are the man’s best friends. They will be till the end of humans life, and human life is nothing without sharing feelings and emotions with them.

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