Funny year-end self-appraisal remarks

(KPA – Key process area)

KPA: Effective Status reporting to Project Manager
Remarks: The effectiveness of a work starts with the effective analysis of a work given and I succeeded in it.

KPA: # of bugs encountered per deliverable
Remarks: Failures are stepping stones for success. Yes I do get an error while testing. No can be perfect right.

KPA: Development Ownership (Having job clarity, dedication & proactiveness)
Remarks: Being in Induction Days and further i.e while organising the events & expalining the code to others I myself forced to take the lead (In that case my mind Helped me alot)

KPA: Career Development/improvements : Activity target end date (dd-mm-yyyy)
Remarks: Knowledge is an ocean we can’t give a date for it

KPA: Adherence to unit testing process (Prepare unit test case, Document test results & Coordinate with Functional Team)
Remarks: After completed work tested all development part which done by me even I helped tester to understand work flow.

KPA: Development Ownership (Having job clarity, dedication, proactiveness, flexibility, Ability to foresee the delays/ risks)
Remarks: Worked hard, to complete task came in weekend also

KPA: Developing optimal techniques/solutions
Remarks: In Report I used loop techniques which takes less effort to generate report.

KPA: Following Task Tracking Tool on daily basis
Remarks: Depends on the day work. But am pretty sure that I will complete it by the immediate next day.

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