Common WordPress estimations

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This list contains a number of individual tasks that I commonly perform in my work on client sites. These feel like the average time I spend fully committed to a given task, although most tasks can grow unpredictably in complexity if something unusual crops up.

  • Log in and update WordPress: 2 minutes
  • Install a plugin/solve a problem that revolves around a plugin install (e.g. Akismet for comment spam): 5 minutes
  • Set up a domain-specific email account or email forward: 5 minutes
  • Login to a site and change a post’s contents, rearrange the site nav menu, etc.: 5 minutes
  • Help restore a client’s admin credentials, add a user, etc.: 5 minutes
  • Most individual CSS changes (change the color of an object, change a font, reposition an object and give it a shadow): 5 to 25 minutes
  • Create a Twitter account for a client: 10 minutes
  • Install WordPress on a given hosting account (including database creation): some passive FTP transfer time, plus 15 minutes active work
  • Update WordPress and all plugins, test to make sure nothing’s broken: 10 to 45 minutes
  • Use a plugin’s interface to create what it’s designed to create (a contact form, a social button bar, etc.): 10 to 30 minutes
  • Purchase hosting and prepare it for a WordPress install (set up username and password, FTP credentials, etc.): 15 minutes
  • Migrate a WP site using a plugin, start-to-finish and including testing: 15 minutes
  • Troubleshoot a hosting/registrar/backend problem (improperly set memory limits, bad .htaccess rules, wrong DNS, etc.): 15 minutes to 1 hour
  • Create a Facebook page for a client: 20 minutes
  • Read an emailed bug report, locate an obvious problem in PHP or JS code, fix the problem, upload the fix, test the fix, email about the fix: 20 to 45 minutes
  • Purchase a domain name and hosting and create a fresh WordPress install at the targeted domain name: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Track down and fix a non-obvious problem in a WordPress site’s code: 30 minutes to 5 hours for most problems
  • Migrate a WP site manually, start-to-finish and including testing: 1 hour
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