September 15, 2006

I met with an accident on July 28th. The car going before me had put a sudden brake in the speed of 40-50 KMPH. I went and hit that car from back and fell down. To my surprise I soon found that my left hand is swollen. Thank god, it wasn’t broken, but I had to spend around twenty thousand rupees towards medical expenses to get back my hand. Though I have the bandage around my hand, I can do my daily activities.

My hand is now set right. I had a small ride on my bike. It seems ok, though I have a little pain. Guess what, police caught me for not wearing helmet. I showed them my hand and escaped from their penalty. And I made this new look for the site. With a “brand new” look my site has now many functionalities. Any way, things are okay at my new work place, TCS. I am working on ASP.NET and Lectora.

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