Woman already has great respect.

Why is it showed off that woman is not treated with respect? woman already has been given a lot of respect. OK let me present my view of why woman is not being given respect.

A lot of concerns about the respect arises from the situations of problems. it is basic nature of man and woman that is bringing this controversies. a lady makes her thinking better by talking and by letting her feelings out. a man, on the opposite side of coin, makes his thinking better by being silent and concentrating. In the situation of problems or issues, both of them try to solve the problem according to their basic nature. the woman feel that the man is not trying to solve the problem and is silent, being unaware of the thinking going on in his mind, and provokes him to think of the problem. the talkative nature of woman disturbs the silent thinking of man and feels irritated. Sometimes, the irritation turns out a man to use his strength.

Another commonly discussed point is the sexual harrassment. Let me bring back the word “nature” here. man, by “nature” is attracted towards a woman. The woman is, has and will always be a fascinating subject to the eyes of man. The way of affection showed by a woman is always what a man desires. There are couple of reasons why the “harassment” comes into picture.

One. In the new era, woman stepped into educational and professional fields for living. A field where man is trying to think with a stable mind make out new things to improve the human life. The stability of the man gets diverted to a woman sitting in front of him. Pressure starts building in the mind of man trying to put back his mind but not able to overcome the natural attraction towards the female. Sometimes the pressure spills out the tendency to “touch” the female. If the female also feels relaxed would make an affectionate move, or else directly pushes him away, which is what happens in most of the cases. The direct decline would make the man distracted and the pressure in the mind makes him mad. The rays of harrassment starts when he starts using strength to pull her.

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