Approaching 70-480 – Actual exam experience

Finally after a lot of unguided self preparation, self tests and other stuff, today I passed 70-480 exam in first attempt. Guess the score… 700. Yes the minimum passing score. Just passed. Reason.. incomplete preparation due to other responsibilities of life. Now I am writing the exam experience.

I had scheduled exam today at 10.00 am. initial welcome procedures took around 10 minutes. Then I was shown a machine to start exam. First screen shows two buttons, one for actual exam and one for tutorial. Tutorial screen had 8 questions. Then I started actual exam.  I was shown a nondisclosure agreement screen. It said not to share any questions given. I said ok.

Actual exam has 49 questions to be completed in 120 minutes. Many questions came from mock test. Same questions, as it is. I don’t know how. It was easy to answer those. Questions are not tough, but many questions are tricky. Though I used elimination technique, often I was confused in selecting right options. Upon keen observations I selected right answers.  For few I made wild guesses. May be that’s the reason for my low scores. But anyway, I passed. That’s enough for me now.

After completion,  there is a screen to write your comments for questions.  I did not understand what to do. Exam center official told that I can skip it. I skipped it. Finally the score screen.  Bam.. “Congratulations. . You passed. Score is 700. ” Sigh of relief.  A smile on my face. Examiner took a print of score and gave me. It said I will receive a mail within 5 working days. Now i should wait for my certificate.

My advice to others
Follow the learning resources I updated in other post. All the questions I saw, are from various topics in those links only. While studying, understand and remember minute differences. Exam tests mainly on those. That’s how I survived. There are trap answers. Be careful. All the best for aspirants.

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