Repeat it..

How do you feel if you start something new that will be repeated for long time? For the first time, its very exciting. Second time, still exciting. Third time.. exciting but enthusiasm alters. Sixth time.. not exciting as first time. excitement declines. Ninth time.. appears to be automatic. Mind tries to find new ways to speed up the work. Creativity starts. Tenth time.. mind applies the trick of creativity. Eleventh time.. creativity works, efforts spent on activity are less. Twelfth time.. creativity at work. mind…

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What happened to my creativity?

Any person with a brain can become creative. The creativity exhibits itself in many ways. Drawing, making objects, doing something. Especially the ability to write. At some point of life, it becomes very hard to streamline the narration of thoughts. The sentences turn out to communicate the thoughts in a very vague way. Mind always tries to think related and distinct situations simultaneously. A life filled with many things to be processed in the mind, does not give a chance for the mind to relax…

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