What happened to my creativity?

Any person with a brain can become creative. The creativity exhibits itself in many ways. Drawing, making objects, doing something. Especially the ability to write. At some point of life, it becomes very hard to streamline the narration of thoughts. The sentences turn out to communicate the thoughts in a very vague way.

Mind always tries to think related and distinct situations simultaneously. A life filled with many things to be processed in the mind, does not give a chance for the mind to relax and think something creative. It appears as if there is no time left to stop thinking and relax the mind in the whole day.

I remember a saying – empty mind is the devils work shop. It was taught during my childhood. There is lot of theory which supports it. In my view, the workshop appears as devil’s for few people who are also habituated to keep their mind busy in thinking something or the other. But sometimes a devil also shows wonders.

Many situations which demand my attention make it very hard to find some time in isolation and think for myself. Many people influencing the thoughts in the mind. They impose their thinking requirement smoothly onto me. Of course it is because of the leniency that I have given. Trying to be good and trying not to hurt others’ feeling does have a unexpected outcome. I think for someone else. But what about myself?

A lot of social formulas and daily routines tightly scheduled across the day. The timetable, which mind was forced to prepare and follow, doesn’t let it to break the schedule and do something else. A set of rules laid by itself.

Life style is the key element that affects the creativity of a person. How many of you already know this? Well.. I understood that just a while ago.

Right from the moment I wake up, my mind starts filling thoughts which it has already thought on some earlier day. But still, it feels satisfied thinking about it again and again. Sometimes feels tensed, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes happy and sometimes frustrated. But still, it feels pampered with that habit, which I have been inducing into it from the past 5-6 years.

When I remember the activity of my mind before few years and compare it with the present times, the change is clear.

A lot of spying all around. What I do and what I will do is of interest to many people. If there is a place where spying doesn’t exist in a person’s life, I would love to know that.  I am damn sure that such place doesn’t exist.

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