Why Softwares are pirated?

Software piracy has been a big problem to IT industries. Especially in India, softwares are being pirated and sold widely. People in IT industries spent times of tedious work, stress and pain to produce the software. But once it goes into market, it will replicate like atoms in nuclear bomb.

The reason for piracy which is not considered by many companies. Softwares are the costly things than any other. Even more pricy than buying a new computer part. Windows itself costs around 7-10 thousands (INR). However, soon after people arrange money and buy a “legal” copy of software, a new version of the same software with better and more features will arrive in market. People can not exchange the software with the new one. The Software Licence also says, the product should be used exactly on one system and should be used only by licencee. (What if the system crashes and should be thrown away?)

Here comes an alternative called Open Source Softwares. Though these softwares are available for money, the OSS licence says, its source should also be given out. Any one can buy (or download) it, modify and distribute it. People need not pay for any open source softwares. They just have to download. Thats all. Even when the newer version arrives, they can throw the older one and happily use the new one. Many free alternatives for the closed softwares are in the market. One question arises here. Then how can software guys live without money?

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