Call centers are calling freshers

‘… Jobs jobs… Do you want to get into Satyam, Wipro, Infosys or Dell easily? A good beginning for freshers. Post resume on our website. We are recruiters …’

Many websites have these kind of ads animating on a side. If it is very easy to get into Satyam or Wipro (I hear only these 2 companies first, in IT industry), then two thirds of the Indian population will be in these top 3 or 5 companies. They are looking for people with good communication skills. Guess what.. they are expecting you to work in their call centers. If you are only BE or MCA, you can get in to technical side. Else, call center is the only lifebuoy. If you want to work for big companies, you should prepare yourself to work as a call center guy. All you have to do is put a earphone and suk the mic, like a lollypop, and answer the client’s silly questions (Cuz i ask all silly questions). Work at nights and sleep in days.

India is becoming a one stop mall for call centers and BPOs. In hyderabad itself, there are plenty of call center training schools. They will teach you english. Not the traditional ABCD english, but an ‘Accent neutral’ english. With such english you can talk to foreigners like a foreigner.

‘.. i wunt to tuk to you guyz in excent nootral englishhh… kujju hellp me?’

Why are US based companies having call centers in India? Cant they have in their countries? Why should WE work according to their convinience and why don’t they work according to us? Does US lacks knowledge or rather confidence? Then why do many people go to US?

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