Repeat it..

How do you feel if you start something new that will be repeated for long time? For the first time, its very exciting. Second time, still exciting. Third time.. exciting but enthusiasm alters. Sixth time.. not exciting as first time. excitement declines. Ninth time.. appears to be automatic. Mind tries to find new ways to speed up the work. Creativity starts. Tenth time.. mind applies the trick of creativity. Eleventh time.. creativity works, efforts spent on activity are less. Twelfth time.. creativity at work. mind feels self appreciated. Fifteenth time.. mind still thinks of new ways to improve. starts squeezing the creativity sponge within. Nineteenth time.. sponge will not give anything further. Twentieth time. minds tends to find other ways to entertain. Twenty first time.. mind refuses to do it again, but still.. because no other option. Twenty third time.. mind feels struggling to get out of the routine, but still its stuck. waits for something other that is exciting.  Twenty sixth time. Struggle increases. twenty ninth time. mind sees no alternative near by. sets itself back into the routine. Thirtieth time. struggle mingles with helplessness. enthusiasm gets dried out. activity just runs. Thirty first onwards.. mind tries to delay the start as far as possible. helpless.. clueless about excitement. thinks that it cant do any thing else. thinks that it is dried out. Though the number of times vary, how many of you agree with this? If you agree, then congratulations. We both are in the same symmetry.

The act of repeating the same thing again and again tends to show that mind is becoming dry. When we try to pull out ourselves from the routine schedule of repeating same thing, we tend to fear. We fear that something would crash if we do not follow the steps and schedule. Some one will point at us and make us the sole responsible owner. But still.. we repeat.

I think of those who heard a gramophone playing a small bit of music again and again, when it is stuck. It sounds funny, but what about us, who do the same thing again and again. Isn’t it funny..

What a crazy world with a ridiculous pattern of repeating things..

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