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June 21, 2006

Good news!! My TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) interview is successful and I am selected as web designer. Now I need to leave the job of webmaster at L V Prasad Eye Institute ( Before that I need to find some one for my place. If you are fresher and PHP programmer, you are welcome to accept this offer. The job would be easy and good for beginners. Lots of free time, in which you can develop your skills, as I did. By the way folks,…

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SMS – yes i’m mess

‘ To participate in this contest, type so and so keywords and send SMS to xxxx…. to vote for your favorite actor or actress, SMS something to some number… SMS that, SMS this,… ‘ SMS – Short Message Service, these days has become a powerful tool. Every where you will find people asking you to send some sort of SMS for almost many things. These days, even TV ads have footers with SMS information. This revolution is fully supported by cellphone makers. Major companies like…

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Call centers are calling freshers

‘… Jobs jobs… Do you want to get into Satyam, Wipro, Infosys or Dell easily? A good beginning for freshers. Post resume on our website. We are recruiters …’ Many websites have these kind of ads animating on a side. If it is very easy to get into Satyam or Wipro (I hear only these 2 companies first, in IT industry), then two thirds of the Indian population will be in these top 3 or 5 companies. They are looking for people with good communication…

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All new Yahoo! Mail

Today my Yahoo! Mail interface has changed to yahoo mail beta. WOW !!! THE NEW INTERFACE IS SIMPLY FANTASTIC. I can’t resist my excitement. I recommend that you should have it. Days back, I saw an ad in my inbox, clicked it and gave my email id to try beta. From today I am presented with the new interface. One thing I like is tabs. Compose will come in tab, inbox will come in a tab, and more stuff. One of my colleague still has…

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My first blog on Yahoo 360

Today, APSRTC strike in the city,ofcourse in the state, is called off, and i am very much happy that, i dont need to spend 100 rupees daily on autos. I think my auto man is dissappointed of the strike being called off. He cant earn that much as he can earn in these days. Today is World Osteoporosis Day. Dont ask me what it is, as i dont know.Fine. Have a niceday all of you 0

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Misguided Training – Chandamama Short Story

The bandit wanted to train his son in his profession. After teaching him the rudiments, he concluded: “Discretion is the essence of stealing. If you can’t find any ready cash or gold while looting a house, pick up the whole bag. If you can’t find the bag, don’t hesitate to pick up the whole chest and run away.” He, then, set him alone on his maiden adventure. That night, the young thief entered a house, but could not find any gold, cash, bag, or chest.…

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